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Grumblecorn changed the tabard today to reflect our true nature as pirates

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that is all
After months and months of waiting and pestering, GMs finally granted us our bugged Realm First Challenge Mode achievement!

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Congratulations to Biggiebluntz, Kaustos, Olliewilliam and Zalvator. We all worked hard for this and at the very least deserved it more than that level 70 death knight!

RED #1
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1/18/2013 challenge mode golds complete

thanks random level 85 DK for exploiting and stealing our realm first achievement zzzzzz
ty for the mounts dragon soul now get the fuck out

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last day of heroic dragon soul both mounts and heroic gurth drop and grumble says "give me my gurth or i will stick my dick through my microphone and fuck you in the ear"
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After copious amounts of time spent on Gunship and many weeks of absences, bad internet connections, and Zalvator, it took relatively few actual attempts to down Spine and Madness - less than 10 attempts for each, with over half our wipes on Madness due to people falling and dying on the buggy wind bridge between the green and blue platforms.

A very underwhelming and boring tier for tanking, and moderately challenging overall. There will be much vacationing until Mists.

Also, congratulations to Kephket on our second pair of less-than-legendary rogue daggers!
Kaustos has added yet another legendary to his massive collection. grabbing the rogue daggers after an irritating week of getting his 60th gem cluster off Deathwing himself and having to wait an entire week just to kill Deathwing again for his jaw.

Unfortunately the daggers do not come with any guild benefits other than better DPS, but we're all happy for him nonetheless!

We'll be resuming Dragon Soul progression soon. The last few weeks have been stagnant as we work on farming Heroic Rag for fire hawks, killed Sinestra for some titles, and have been working on finding a replacement for Bodua who will soon be leaving us to work for the Texas Rangers. We'll all miss you Bodua!

Any healers interested in doing heroic DS progression should apply on our forums.
Much has happened since the last update, as the warriors of Reclamations are far too busy murdering innocent dragons to make news posts.

5/8 HM pre-10% nerf.

Probably the hardest fight for us was Zon'ozz heroic due to the crazy damage output, the ball bugging out a lot (Zon'ozz shooting the ball into the ground under him is cool), and other stupid shit like that, but with the 5% nerf things became much easier and he's now on farm.

The only other complicated boss was Hagara, which we downed pre 5% nerf. Not hard, but complicated. Probably the most enjoyable fight of the tier if you ask me.

Heroic Ultraxion was a pushover and we essentially one-shot him with all our legendary dps.

Speaking of legendaries, Saven has since gotten his legendary staff. WHOOPS. Congratulations Saven!