Guild Charter

The Reclamations Guild Charter


Guild Charter Preface

As a member of Reclamations, you agree to:
1. Try to have fun.Establish friendships, maintain a good sense of humor, and be respectful.
2. Be reasonable, and understand that decisions are made based on what is deemed best for the guild as a whole.
3. Keep track of the schedule, and be consistent - attendance can make or break any event.
4. Understand your role. Study up on what makes you perform your best in any situation and how you can best contribute.
5. Exhibit self-sufficiency. Come to events prepared, driven, and on time, whatever they may be.

In return, the Reclamations guild commits to providing the following:
1. Organized and dependable leadership.
2. A fair, fun, and unbiased atmosphere for all our members.
3. A dedicated voip server, and support for anyone who may need it.
4. A guild forum for everyone to discuss games, life, and to post retarded shit.
5. Our best effort to make sure everyone is having a good time.

Reclamations is a solid guild with an unbreakable spirit, full of close real-life friends and a well-established culture. Our primary focus is Mythic raiding and our means to get achievements, vanity items, and shiny stuff.

It is important that all members of the guild find their place here, fit in, and enjoy themselves, whether they are here for progression or just a friendly face. Reclamations caters to a wide variety of things including raiding, PvP, casual socializing, and occasional get-togethers, and our membership reflects this. Many of our members are scattered real-life friends who have been with the guild for many, many years, and our overall turnover rate is astoundingly low.

Our guild takes part in many games and activities together outside of World of Warcraft, and all our members are invited to take part! Some other activities our guild-mates frequently take part in include:
* Random shenanigans on Discord
* Our Guild Minecraft Server
* Overwatch
* Heroes of the Storm
* League of Legends
* Magic the Gathering (played online)
* Random parties and barbecues
* Grumblecorn making everyone sandwiches
* Much, much more!

If these things sound good to you, you may have found the right home!

Guild Laws & Standards

General Guild Information
· Introduction and History
· Social Rules
· Discord (Chat/VoIP)
· Leadership and Officers
· Trial Periods
World of Warcraft: Rules of Raiding
· Raiding: Attendance
· Raiding: Loot and Plunder
· Raiding: Mods We Require
· Raiding: Rules of Raiding
Additional Information
· Frequently Asked Questions

Introduction and History

Reclamations began as a World of Warcraft guild located on Frostmane-US during WoTLK (originally named Action Reroll Force Go), created by a large group of friends that wanted to reroll and play together.

We've always prided ourselves on having a fun and relaxed atmosphere where drama is kept to an absolute minimum. We have since grown beyond our borders as a World of Warcraft guild, and our members take part in many games and online activities that new recruits are encouraged to join us in! Many of our members have even met IRL, moved in together, formed lasting relationships and remain long-time friends. Our primary focus, however, remains on World of Warcraft to this day.

Reclamations welcomes anyone interested in any aspect of our guild who can contribute positively to it. Our primary focus is progression raiding on World of Warcraft, and although raiding is not required to be a member, the guild rankings are structured around it.

Many of our members also take part in achievement runs, both world and battleground PvP, and many other fun events.

Social Rules

Reclamations is a very laid-back guild, and we pride ourselves on a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Many people in Reclamations are long-time friends, and one of the requirements for joining our raids is that you fit in beyond just being a good raider.

Our guild is also made up of a (possibly unusually) large number of different denominations, both male and female, and some who are parents. This fact is to be respected by all guild members.

Here are some big N.O.'s for guild chatter:

  • No Derogatory Racism / Reverse-Racism
  • No Religious Intolerance
  • No Derogatory Sexism
  • No Sexual Harassment
  • No X-Rated Discussions
  • No Hateful Discussions
  • No Drama Concerning Other Guildies

These rules come with the stipulation that jokes are O.K. between friends and people who understand one-another. However, it is important to tread lightly on these issues: comments relating to any of the above that are deemed insensitive or intended to be attacks will not be tolerated.

Drama and gossiping that causes drama is expected to be kept to a bare minimum and will not be tolerated in guild chat. Guild-mates should also avoid any sort of actions that would cause drama both inside and outside the guild, or take part in anything that would make the guild look bad. Officers will take action against perceived drama very fervently and this is the most common cause of people being removed from the guild.

To reiterate, guild members are always expected to:

  • Avoid yelling in voice-chats
  • Keep all "drama" to a minimum, this is not a soap opera
  • Keep arguments out of guild chat channels
  • Keep any conversations about politics civil
  • Keep conversations R-Rated (no X-rated material)
  • Not spread rumors of any kind about anyone
  • Show respect to other guild-mates, especially trials
  • Show respect to outsiders, to preserve our guild's good image (but ganking is OK)
  • Take jokes as jokes, things that appear offensive often aren't intended to be
  • Understand we're all human and generally we are all capable of being reasonable.

Following these rules will help ensure Reclamations is a guild you will want to stay in.

Discord (Chat/VoIP)

At the moment we use Discord as our primary means of communicating as a guild. This includes being our primary guild chat, voice chat, and place to discuss all manners of guild and raid issues. Compared to many other VoIP solutions, Discord has vastly better audio quality, its volume is normalized, it has a neat in-game overlay, and it runs a lot faster (which is important; people need to be able to hear what you are saying as quickly as possible in progression raids). It is also much prettier, has persistent chat, and has many other features that make it superior to other communication options.

You can connect to our Discord server here:

While the web interface works fine, we strongly recommend downloading the desktop app when prompted. Discord also has surprisingly good Android and iOS versions available.

If you have any questions/problems feel free to make a forum thread about it or ask in guild chat.

Leadership and Officers

Guild Officers

The leadership of Reclamations. Guild Masters have the final say in all guild policies and all matters, but most guild matters are done by a vote between all the officers present. Most officers have an assigned role they fulfill. If they do not, it means they are an officer because their opinion is highly valued and/or they provide a useful service to the guild.

Typically, we will not promote new officers unless we have a critical role that needs to be filled within the guild.

Name Position Duties
Ashijin Guild Master, Founder Overall Management
Kaustos Guild Master Senior Raid Leader, Tactical Officer
Nellabel Senior Officer H.R. & Secretary - Attendance, Loot Management, etc
Drekkar Senior Officer Raid Leader
Kirbehroo Officer Attendance & Sub Management, Raid Caller
Special Officer Disciplinary & Recruitment Officer
Zarcinth Officer Healing Leader

Honorary/Inactive-Officers ("The Ancients")

The people listed here are officers that have held important positions in the past but are either inactive or no longer fulfill a specific task.
Name Position / Former Duties Status
Biggiebluntz PvP Officer Currently a Dirty Casual
Grumblecorn Guild Master, Founder Currently a Dirty Casual
Zalvator Senior Officer, Raid Leader Currently a Dirty Casual
Silvertone Officer Currently a Dirty Casual
Fitchkrieg Former Raid Leader, Founder Inactive.
Kinithor Senior Officer, Founder Inactive.
Bella Officer RIP

Trial Periods

Trial periods in Reclamations begin once an application is accepted and you're invited to the guild. A trial period will last up to a maximum of two weeks while the guild members get to know you and see your raid performance (if applicable), but may last longer if deemed necessary for further evaluation.

Most important during a trial period is fitting in. Reclamations has an especially lax atmosphere and people are expected to be friendly. Respect is important, but it's also important to be able to joke around with people. People who are new, undergeared and terrible at the game, but who are able to contribute to our atmosphere, are much more likely to stay than the most geared person on the server who doesn't fit in.

Those who are too inexperienced or undergeared to meet our raiding standards are nearly always allowed to stay as subs or casuals if they develop friendships and fit in, and may be allowed to become raiders in the future if their performance improves.

The guild masters and senior officers may choose to promote or remove a trial during their trial period for any reason without notice.

Core Raid: Attendance

Current core raid schedule is Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday from 7pm to 10pm CS, totaling 9 hours a week.

Raiders are expected to show up 15 minutes early to repair, grab flasks, make sure gear is up to date and to be ready for an invite. Raiders who show up after 7:00pm are considered late, and raiders who are over half-an-hour late are considered absent. We generally raid for up to 3 hours, with raids ending at 10:00 PM Server (CST).

If you are going to miss a raid or will be over 10 minutes late, you are required to post a detailed and reasonable explanation in the attendance channel (located in Discord) at least a week in advance. This is the only way to be sure the right people will know you can't make it, and that we have time to secure a sub to replace you. Not giving us proper notification that you will miss can have severe consequences up to and including removal from the raid core entirely.

In order to maintain your rank as a core raider, you must maintain under 10% absenteeism on a rolling 6 week schedule. You can view your absenteeism % at any time along with days and times you have missed on RaidStats.

Raiders who do not meet the attendance policy may be replaced and demoted to the sub or casual rank, especially if their absence causes the raid group to be unable to raid. Substitutes are not required to follow the raiding schedule but will also almost always get last priority on invites. If you want to get promoted as a sub, however, showing up regularly is a good way to show us you're serious!

Core Raid: Loot and Plunder

With the removal of Master Looter, we generally will follow personal loot outcomes in most cases for loot and will generally not force anyone to trade gear that they have won. However, if you receive an item you do not want that is tradeable, it should be given to the Loot Officer so that it can be delegated to the appropriate person.

How traded loot is delegated is up to the officers and may be loot counciled if deemed appropriate, however such loot will usually just be put up for roll.

Special note about rolls: A roll of 1 is considered an Ace in Reclamations and is even better than a 100. The lowest possible roll is a 2. This rule applies to all guild-related functions, even if non-guildies are present.

Loot Disagreements

Final judgment on all loot-related matters is given to the raid's Loot Officer. Final judgment on Loot Council items is given to the guild master and/or raid leader. Any concerns about the loot system should be directed to an HR Officer.

Any questions about a particular item should be saved until after the raid has ended, however, the Loot Officer reserves the right to not respond to inquiries.

End-Tier Mounts/Items

Mounts, pets, and other rare items that are specifically farmed for by the raid are distributed based on cumulative attendance for the entire tier. This can be overridden by an officer vote in special circumstances, such as officers rewarding the first mount to someone for special circumstances (like maybe they're dying of cancer, or something equally serious).

Due to the Personal Loot restriction, raiders that receive the mount should immediately trade it to the Loot Officer so that it may be distributed. Failure to follow this rule will result in removal from the guild.

Other Rare/Special Items

The winner of a special item may choose to auction, sell, or gift the item to another present raid member. HOWEVER, for items distributed by the Loot Master if the item drops a 2nd time, they will be ineligible to win it again if any guild members in the group were present for the previous drop. This is to preserve fairness.

Bind-On-Equip Items

In the case of BoE items, any BoE items not given to a raider for main spec will go to the guild bank and will be auctioned to pay for guild repairs. Guild members can buy the item for a discounted price.

With the advent of personal BoE loot, this rule may be irrelevant as we do not enforce raid members giving the item to the guild bank.

The Conclusion?

Members should always remember that the goal of raiding in Reclamations is to have fun and to collect shinies, and that gearing up is a means by which we may better reach that goal.

Core Raid: Mods We Require

Any mods listed here are required to be invited to raids. If you do not have them you will not be invited to the raid and will be marked as having not showed unless you immediately go download it and/or turn it on. There aren't that many required mods anyway. However, it is your job to set up your UI in a way that will maximize your performance. All of these add-ons are available on Curse.

Core Raiders & Subs
  • · RC Loot Council
  • · Deadly Boss Mods (or something equivalent, such as BigWigs)
  • · Exorsus Raid Tools
  • · WeakAuras

    Raiding: Rules of Raiding

    Reclamations tries to keep a lax atmosphere most of the time in raids, but raids are time for both fun and progression and there are a number of rules that must be followed during any official guild raids. Not following one of these rules may result in immediate removal from any raids and possible removal from the guild.

    This list of rules may change or be added to at any time for any reason, so it's important to keep up to date.

    All Guild Raids
    · Do not speak when a guild master or raid leader speaks
    · Stop all conversations when the raid leader says to be quiet
    · If you are asked to do something by a raid leader, do it. Don't argue.
    · If you are asked to change talents by raid leader, do it. Don't argue.
    · If you are asked to use specific gear by a raid leader, do it. Don't argue!
    · Keep all arguments out of guild chat, raid chat and raid channels.
    · Never AFK without telling the raid leaders and being acknowledged

    Guild Progression Raids
    · Do not go AFK outside of break times unless absolutely necessary.
    · Do not use items that will distract, irritate or hold up the raid: train sets, distracting pets, mole machines, etc.
    · Don't do anything to purposefully kill other raid members (this wastes a lot of time).
    · Do not play music or annoying sounds over VoIP unless given permission.
    · Do not talk during "progression" boss fights unless you are assigned a task or have something imperative to the boss fight to say.
    · Do not discuss raid failures until a boss fight has completely finished.
    · Do not use important raid cooldowns such as Battle-Res and Bloodlust without being told to.
    · Never give up on a boss unless you are told to by the raid leader. Sometimes the outcome may surprise you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is the meaning behind the guild's name?
    The name was decided on WoW back in Wrath of the Lich King, and there is a little context to be had there. There are many meanings behind the term Reclamations - a group meant to reclaim, to reform, to rectify. We reclaim the lands and epic treasures from the rotting corpses of slain kings. We take many people in and reform them to our code of honor and beliefs. We rectify the evils of the world. That is what the name means, and was particularly relevant when reclaiming the lands from the Lich King.

    Q: I have a friend/co-worker/estranged cousin/etc. who wants to join the guild. Should I have them nag Ashijin (or any other officers) to get an invite?!?
    No. If you know someone who wants to join, please just have them apply. Yes, even if they only want to be a casual, there is a casual application for that. While casual applications are not required, filling out our application tells us a lot about a person beyond just their capabilities, and we prefer to know about someone before they join our harem.

    Q: I am being harassed by a fellow guild member in some way, or I have information regarding someone in the guild doing something that is breaking the charter. What should I do?
    First, take screen shots so you can back up your case. The best person to talk to about harassment is an HR Officer. When talking to the HR Officer, your name will be kept as anonymous as possible from any individuals that may cause you further trouble, and your concerns will be forwarded directly to the guild leaders.

    If you have information about someone breaking the charter (spamming trade, ninjaing from PuGs, etc), you may also speak to an HR Officer, or directly to one of the GMs. It is the job of the HR Officers to listen to problems like this and take appropriate action.

    Q: I have a complaint about the guild leadership and would like to provide constructive criticism. Who should I speak to?
    If you have constructive criticism about the guild's leadership, you may want to try speaking to the Guild Masters directly. However, it is in your best interest to keep such things extremely mature and constructive. You may also speak to the HR officers about raid or leadership complains (these will be kept as anonymous as possible).

    Keep in mind that these matters are taken extremely seriously. Excessive whining to the GMs or HR officers about extremely small and/or petty issues will reflect extremely poorly on you as a guild member. These outlets are for constructive, mature input only.

    Q: I have been removed from the guild, and want to know why. Who should I ask?
    If you were removed from the guild and the reasons are not obvious, you will likely be contacted by an officer. If you aren't, feel free to whisper an officer asking why.

    Q: I was kicked from the guild, but I think you guys are really awesome and want to rejoin. What can I do to try and make amends?
    First things first, you must find out why you were kicked. The second best step you can take is to apologize to anyone you may have remotely offended, because breaking the rules and offending people is usually why somebody is kicked.

    Once you have done this, please write a 500 (minimum) word essay explaining why you want back into the guild and why you think you deserve another chance, along with the steps you will take to avoid making a repeat offense. Your essay should also include the names of people you have apologized to who have accepted your apology. Your essay must also have proper punctuation, grammar, and formatting. Post this in the "Guild Business" forum with the subject "Appealing Guild Removal" (or some variation of). The final decision on your reinvite will be made by the Guild Masters.

    Anyone reaccepted into the guild will be put at the CASUAL rank, and may then attempt to earn their previous raid spot back (if applicable). The decision to restore a raid spot is made by the raid leader.

    Q: I left / ragequit the guild and am regretting this decision. Is there anything I can do to get reinvited, even if it's just as a casual?
    If you left the guild on good terms, you can probably get reinvited just by speaking to one of the guild masters or officers. You will generally be reinvited as a casual and will have to re-earn any previous positions.

    If you left the guild on bad terms, please write a 500 (minimum) word essay explaining why you want back into the guild and why you think you deserve another chance, along with the steps you will take to avoid making a repeat offense. You should also try to make amends with anyone in the guild involved with your ragequit, and include their names and confirmation that you've made amends in your essay. This essay must be posted in the Guild Business forum with an appropriate title and should have proper punctuation, grammar and formatting.

    Q: I'd like to be an officer. How do I go about doing that?
    Officers are promoted on a needs-only basis. If you think you can fill a niche as an officer to fulfill a particular duty that you see as lacking in the guild, you may write us an essay explaining how you can be useful to the leadership and it will be considered. If you are applying to fulfill a particular task, it also helps to start showing us you can perform that task.

    Q: What is
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