APPROVED Raider Application: Azyozu / Paladin / Holy

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    Member Name

    Enter your Name / Class / Primary Spec(s)
    Azyozu / Paladin / Holy

    Enter your BattleTag and/or Discord ID

    Armory Link to Character

    Which specializations of your class can you play proficiently?

    What other max-level alts do you have? Provide armory links.
    I don't play them very often but I want to level my restro druid to 120 during BFA, too.èr

    Are you able to make the following raid times?
    7:00 PM - 10:00 PM on Tuesday,
    7:00 PM - 10:00 PM on Wednesday,
    7:00 PM - 10:00 PM on Thursday

    Who (if applicable) referred you?

    Have you read the guild charter?

    Personal Information

    What is your real-life age, gender, etc?
    29 / Male / Average / Prettyish

    What is your location / time-zone?
    Pennsylvania / Eastern timezone

    Do you have any real-life issues (medical, technical or otherwise) that may inhibit your ability to play occasionally?
    Heathy as a horse *knock on wood*

    Other Information

    What is your past raiding experience? Include links to relevant logs/parses. If you did past raids on different characters, provide link(s) for the character(s) you used.
    The Burning Crusade:
    Mount Hyjal - 3/5

    Wrath of the Lich King:
    25 Heroic ICC - 12/12

    25 Heroic Dragon Soul - 9/9

    Mist of Pandaria:
    Didn't actively raid

    Warlords of Draenor: Does this expansion really exist?
    Didn't actively raid

    Mythic Emerald Nightmare - 7/7
    Mythic Trial of Valor - 1/3
    Heroic Nighthold - 10/10
    Heroic Tomb of Sargaras - 9/9
    Heroic Antorus, The Burning Throne - 9/11

    Unfortunately, I do not have any logs for any of my raiding experiences. I checked world of logs and the most current ones before my guild quit raiding
    are gone. Though, on Warcraft logs there are performance averages linked below:

    Heroic Nighthold:
    Normal ToS:
    Heroic ToS:
    Normal Antorus:
    Heroic Antorus:

    The links should go directly to the averages but if not, I am super sorry. The numbers don't accurately show what I can do so hopefully during trial or before the first raid in BFA, I can prove what I can do.

    What past guilds were you in? Please explain the circumstances of your leaving.
    Current Guild:
    Guild Name: Aberrant Behavior
    Guild leader - Kethry
    Guild Server - Zul'jin
    - They are going very casually for raiding; a few hours on just Saturday; might not even do Heroic

    Sixth Guild:
    Guild name - Travarse
    Guild Leader - Terrill
    Guild Server - Thrall
    - I was not able to deal with raid times anymore. Raid times: Sunday/Friday at 11pm - 3am Eastern. I had to be to work on Mondays at 6am. I was not able to
    deal with the lack of sleep and my sleep schedule always being messed up.

    Fifth Guild : - Feathermoon
    Guild Name - Invioable
    Guild Leader: Misa (on Thrall now)
    Guild Server - Feathermoon
    - Guild master, her husband, and a few guild mates transferred over to Thrall to join Traverse. I joined them as they are my real life friends.

    Fourth Guild:
    Guild Name - Night Raiders
    Guild Leader - Åmbër
    Guild Server - Feathermoon
    - Guild master and her husband from Invioable quit and started a new guild; I joined them. The guild master of Night Raiders was okay with me leaving

    - Third Guild:
    Guild Name: Don't remember
    Guild Leader - Don't remember
    Guild Server - Proudmoore
    - I started college and didn't have anytime to raid hardcore; Left when we were doing Mount Hyjal

    Second Guild:
    Guild Name: Don't remember
    Guild Leader: Don't remember
    Guild Server - Feathermoon
    - Never got into raiding and my 4 friends all quit playing the game

    First Guild:
    Guild name - The Way of Peace
    Guild Leader - Davis
    Guild Server - Feathermoon
    - Four of my friends quit and started a new guild; Guild Master stopped playing

    What can you contribute to our guild? Why should we want you? What do you want out of our guild? Are you only interested in the guild for raiding?
    I am largely looking for a raiding guild, first and foremost, but I also want to be apart of a group of people that I can enjoy WoW with and become friends
    with in the future. I have met many friends in real life that I first met with in-game. Friends and community is what makes WoW a great game to play.

    I feel I bring a lot of dedication and friendliness to a guild. I try my best to help everyone out with anything. I put forth effort in everything I do and
    I make sure that the things I do do not affect the guild or raid in a negative way.

    I want to complete all Mythic raid bosses in BFA and beyond. I want to be in a guild I can do this with and enjoy the content as well as do it in a serious

    Do you ever experience performance or latency issues (fps, lag, etc)? Are you able to react to things quickly (< 100ms)?
    Current Server / West Coast Server
    FPS ~ 70
    MS ~ 35

    What professions is your character benefiting from? Are you comfortable contributing profession-related materials or consumables to the guild bank for progression?
    My main had Alchemy/Herb since Burning Crusade. The last time I raided Mythic, I was assigned to farm certain herbs and have flasks/cauldrons made for the whole raid prior to raid starting.

    I would dedicate as much time as possible to doing this again or if I need to change my profession to something else, I am all for it.

    Do you have or are willing to install and use Discord (for communication and VoIP), and have a headset with a functioning microphone? If not, are you willing to install it and purchase a functioning headset? Do you have any issues that prevent you from communicating over voice?
    Yes and Yes! Currently, there are no issues with me conversating over voice during raid or any other time.

    For loot distribution we primarily use a modified EPGP system that you can view online that is based almost entirely on attendance. We may also occasionally opt to use loot council in special situations. This means that gear may be given to people other than yourself in cases where it would benefit the raid more as a whole. Are you willing to put the needs of the guild before your own in order to progress?
    Yes, I am willing to put the needs of the guild before myself. My main goal in WoW is to raid and if gearing other people before myself helps with that progression than it is perfectly fine with me.

    You may occasionally be asked to do things you don't like. This may include: going on standby for other roles/classes, respeccing, farming mats, doing old achievement runs, or helping guild mates with incredibly random things. Is this okay with you?
    I am fine with helping the guild in anyway that I can find or is asked of me.

    The first time I played the game back in 2007, I was a huge noob. I was in greys at level 28. Two random players, warrior and rogue, messaged me and asked if I needed help with gearing or playing the game. Since then, I found that helping others is what makes WoW, well, WoW.

    Provide a link to a portrait of your character drawn by you
    N/A (You don't want to see my drawings)

    Please list the names of the H.R. officers listed in the guild charter and explain why knowing this is important. You may also list your favorite part of the guild charter for extra credit.
    Nellabel - Senior Officer

    By knowing the H.R. representative of my future guild, I have someone to voice my concerns about other members, guild issues, loot, attendance (which I will post in discord a week before if I will be gone/late, anyways), and other issues that may come up.

    I actually like the charter as a whole. It answers a lot of questions I had and questions I didn't even knew I had. I get them answered without having to ask and if I forget anything in the future I can just go back.

    Additional information you would like to have taken under consideration:
    I have another 110 Holy paladin and currently leveling two more paladins. I love my class, if I do say so.

    There isn't anything I can think of at the moment but if there is any more you want to know, I will gladly answer to the best of my ability.

    (Optional) If your class is not currently being recruited, please indicate whether or not you are satisfied with being a casual or substitute. Please also provide a brief reasoning why you'd like to be in Reclamations despite potentially not having a core raiding spot:

    (Optional) Do you know any Reclamations members, and if so, who?
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    Appreciate the very detailed application which shows how dedicated you are. We can set up a trial with you in BFA if you would like since we are trying to take 30 people into heroic first few weeks and see where things go from there. You can add me on bnet, Drekkar#1219 if you have any other questions or just want to chat.
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    That would awesome. You let me know when and I will gladly be there. If there is anything before hand I can do, just let know.
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    Will start the first week of raids which I believe is the 4th of September. In preparation you can run mythic dungeons and I am sure many of us will be doing them so don't be afraid to ask. Other than that just play the game and maybe watch a few videos so you are prepared for raid (can only help you). Let me know if you end up transfering and I will send a ginvite or if you are going to wait on the transfer to see how things go.

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