APPROVED Raider Application: Zaebeis / Shaman / Resto

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    Member Name

    Enter your Name / Class / Primary Spec(s)
    Zaebeis / Shaman / Resto

    Enter your BattleTag and/or Discord ID

    Armory Link to Character

    Which specializations of your class can you play proficiently?
    I have only recently started resto shaman about 5/6 weeks ago and still learning how to maximize cooldown usage and such.

    What other max-level alts do you have? Provide armory links.



    Are you able to make the following raid times?
    7:00 PM - 10:00 PM on Tuesday,
    7:00 PM - 10:00 PM on Wednesday,
    7:00 PM - 10:00 PM on Thursday

    Who (if applicable) referred you?

    Have you read the guild charter?

    Personal Information

    What is your real-life age, gender, etc?
    33 - Male

    What is your location / time-zone?
    Indiana / EST

    Do you have any real-life issues (medical, technical or otherwise) that may inhibit your ability to play occasionally?
    I am a military officer in the army, but I do not foresee it interrupting my ability to make it on time.

    Other Information

    What is your past raiding experience? Include links to relevant logs/parses. If you did past raids on different characters, provide link(s) for the character(s) you used.
    Vanilla - All except AQ40 completed.
    BC- All content except Sunwell.
    Wotlk- Deployed to IRAQ during Ulduar and completed 11/12 25H ICC and 12/12 10H ICC. Ruby Sanctum Heroic also cleared.
    Cataclysm- Firelands / DragonSoul cleared on Heroic.
    MoP- Took a break from hardcore raiding but finished 8/14 Mythic SoO.
    Warlords- Finished Mythic Highmaul, and U.S. 52nd BlackHand Kill.
    Legion- Currently 11/11 Heroic Antorus.

    Most of the kills I lacked is due to real life situations / military. I do not perceive it as a problem in the future as I am a signal officer now.

    My image shack used to contain all my parses for my rogue / mage but somehow it is missing pictures now. I was almost always at the top dps wise on my rogue. I've always taken pride in maximizing my performance and using sites like shadowcraft to do so. - This is a picture during Mythic Blackhand on my mage, which shows clear UI use (not cluttered), and my performance compared to everyone else dps wise at the bottom left. I was always above the other mages, and top dps on most fights, and I took pride on maximizing performance. - Shows my overall parse rate for the Mythic Oregorger fight on my mage.

    I do not have any current progression / kill parses on my resto shaman that are relevant to my understanding.

    What past guilds were you in? Please explain the circumstances of your leaving.
    Carebears - Azgalor = College / work.
    Top Shelf - Can't Remember Server = Broke apart.
    Kindred Chaos - Lothar = Broke apart

    What can you contribute to our guild? Why should we want you? What do you want out of our guild? Are you only interested in the guild for raiding?
    I will provide my 100% attendance on all required raid days. I will always come prepared and ready to go, with a positive attitude. I will always look up relevant information pertaining to content we are trying to complete, and on my current class / spec. When necessary, I do have the capacity to lead or give opinions on courses of action. I am very laid back, and I tend to joke around when the time is suited for joking around, and will get in the mindset for an objective when it is not.
    I want a guild who is as focused as me at wanting to complete endgame content, and to do so as a team. It feels a lot better when you complete achievements with those you have gotten close with. I want to feel like a part of a team, and hope to get to know everyone on a one on one basis within the guild.
    I am mostly interested in raiding in the wow game, but I do like to run hard content such as Mythic +'s and old school raids for nostalgia. I also like to pvp/arena, and have achieved 2200/2400 ratings on my rogue.

    Do you ever experience performance or latency issues (fps, lag, etc)? Are you able to react to things quickly (< 100ms)?
    I do not usually experience performance or latency issues, but the occasion does arise where weather / technical issues happen.

    What professions is your character benefiting from? Are you comfortable contributing profession-related materials or consumables to the guild bank for progression?
    I currently use my priest to farm herbs and make alchemy potions, and my resto shaman just D/E's and farms herbs to supply my priest.

    Do you have or are willing to install and use Discord (for communication and VoIP), and have a headset with a functioning microphone? If not, are you willing to install it and purchase a functioning headset? Do you have any issues that prevent you from communicating over voice?
    I currently do have discord, and have a functional microphone and headset.

    For loot distribution we primarily use a modified EPGP system that you can view online that is based almost entirely on attendance. We may also occasionally opt to use loot council in special situations. This means that gear may be given to people other than yourself in cases where it would benefit the raid more as a whole. Are you willing to put the needs of the guild before your own in order to progress?
    Needs of the guild for progression always comes first, and I know its very important to gear certain classes / archetypes first on progression at times. I do not really care about gearing my character per say, as gearing is a means to content. I prefer content over equipment!

    You may occasionally be asked to do things you don't like. This may include: going on standby for other roles/classes, respeccing, farming mats, doing old achievement runs, or helping guild mates with incredibly random things. Is this okay with you?
    I am completely okay with all the following requirements.

    Provide a link to a portrait of your character drawn by you

    Please list the names of the H.R. officers listed in the guild charter and explain why knowing this is important. You may also list your favorite part of the guild charter for extra credit.
    Nellabel - Current HR Rep
    Silvertone- Dirty Casual HR Rep

    It is important know who the current H.R. Rep is anywhere you go including in personal life situations. Knowing who you can talk to about any questions you might have about the guild or current place of employment can remediate issues with ease including attendance, policies and procedures.

    Additional information you would like to have taken under consideration:
    I am currently a military officer in the United States Army, and consider myself as one who aspires to greatness, but I also like to have fun when I play video games. I feel like you can overcome obstacles in your life and have a good time while doing so. With that in mind first and foremost this is a video game, and I want to enjoy my downtime from work and real life issues, and I do this by relaxing, gaming it with some friends, and using my sense of humor! I will always put my A game when it comes to doing anything and will continue to do so with this guild.

    (Optional) If your class is not currently being recruited, please indicate whether or not you are satisfied with being a casual or substitute. Please also provide a brief reasoning why you'd like to be in Reclamations despite potentially not having a core raiding spot:
    I would rather not be casual or a substitute, but if is necessary to overcome a boss I will do so. I usually will join a guild to take a full time slot, since I will be putting in full effort. If the slot is not available I will look elsewhere.

    (Optional) Do you know any Reclamations members, and if so, who?
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    Also to note in raiding/content experience, I have completed Mythic Gold challenge timed runs on my mage in MoP and in Warlords, and completed Mythic 15+'s on my resto shaman.
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    Thank you for applying! Love that you took the time to make a good application, always love seeing how people have their UI's setup (yours is similar to mine) and that you included a detailed history of your experience. I think we could definitely give you a trial for one of our core spots if you would like to whether that is for currently (working on mythic aggramar progression atm) or for BFA since we have about 3 months till release since you have not had a lot of experience this expansion but I believe you will be a great player for our roster just looking at your history and think you deserve a chance to compete for a core raid spot. If you have any questions feel free to add me and whisper me anytime. Drekkar#1219
  4. Zaebis03

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    Thank you! I figured if I'm going to app I might as well make it a well-thought out one lol. Sure I added you on and would definitely like to talk on discord at some point to just go over clarifications.
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    Any possible information on discord trial/member invite to start getting to know people?

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