APPROVED-CASUAL Raider Application: Malcolmx / Warlock / Destruction

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    Member Name

    Enter your Name / Class / Primary Spec(s)
    Malcolmx / Warlock / Destruction

    Enter your BattleTag and/or Discord ID

    Armory Link to Character

    Which specializations of your class can you play proficiently?
    Destruction or Affliction.

    What other max-level alts do you have? Provide armory links.
    Here is a link to my main's wowprogress for other reference.

    Are you able to make the following raid times?
    7:00 PM - 10:00 PM on Tuesday,
    7:00 PM - 10:00 PM on Wednesday,
    7:00 PM - 10:00 PM on Thursday

    Who (if applicable) referred you?

    Have you read the guild charter?

    Personal Information

    What is your real-life age, gender, etc?
    28 / M

    What is your location / time-zone?
    AZ, MST

    Do you have any real-life issues (medical, technical or otherwise) that may inhibit your ability to play occasionally?
    Very infrequently I am required to travel for work and I should be able to provide at least a week's notice unless it is an emergency.

    Other Information

    What is your past raiding experience? Include links to relevant logs/parses. If you did past raids on different characters, provide link(s) for the character(s) you used.
    WoTLK - Naxx 10/25m, Ulduar 10/25m, ToC 10/25m, ICC 10m/ some 25m.

    Norm - clear through Zul. I have not downed Mythrax or G’huun yet
    Heroic - Only have downed Taloc. Familiar with Mother in this difficulty, but did not clear.

    What past guilds were you in? Please explain the circumstances of your leaving.
    All of this is back in WoTLK, memory is fuzzy.

    Ascendency - Farmed heroics, but not sure why I left.

    Korrupt - Raided longest and most consistently with this guild, Ruby Sanctum, Naxx, Onyxia through mid-Ulduar. I applied to a guild that was a better fit for me and in need of a warlock.

    Here's where it gets fuzzy...

    Guild Hoppers (?) / Magically Malicious (?) - Unless I dreamed this up, I applied to GH and was accepted. They underwent a change and voted on a new name 'Magically Malicious'. Raided with this guild in Ulduar 25m, ToC 10/25, and possibly ICC. I cannot remember why I left, most likely began college and had to quit.

    What can you contribute to our guild? Why should we want you? What do you want out of our guild? Are you only interested in the guild for raiding?
    A good attitude, good humor and a willingness to learn, and teach others. I don't expect much more than I already have now as a casual: folks to talk to, bounce ideas off of and run mythics with from time to time. This application is to see if I can run with the big dogs.

    Do you ever experience performance or latency issues (fps, lag, etc)? Are you able to react to things quickly (< 100ms)?
    No performance or latency issues with my current computer setup. Internet is reliable 300mbps hardwired connection. I might be getting 1gbps in late Oct.

    What professions is your character benefiting from? Are you comfortable contributing profession-related materials or consumables to the guild bank for progression?
    Enchanting / Tailoring. Absolutely willing to help donate to the guild bank or ad hoc enchanting or tailoring for guildies any time, anywhere.

    Do you have or are willing to install and use Discord (for communication and VoIP), and have a headset with a functioning microphone? If not, are you willing to install it and purchase a functioning headset? Do you have any issues that prevent you from communicating over voice?
    I've got Discord, a headset and no circumstances preventing communicating over voice.

    For loot distribution we primarily use a modified EPGP system that you can view online that is based almost entirely on attendance. We may also occasionally opt to use loot council in special situations. This means that gear may be given to people other than yourself in cases where it would benefit the raid more as a whole. Are you willing to put the needs of the guild before your own in order to progress?
    What is good for the collective is good for me.

    You may occasionally be asked to do things you don't like. This may include: going on standby for other roles/classes, respeccing, farming mats, doing old achievement runs, or helping guild mates with incredibly random things. Is this okay with you?
    I understand the spot I am applying for is unlikely to be core and even if it is, still there are perks that come with time and a grind. More than happy to respec if thats whats needed, farm mats, love doing achieve runs, love helping guildies. I mainly play solo and am getting tired of it.

    Provide a link to a portrait of your character drawn by you

    Please list the names of the H.R. officers listed in the guild charter and explain why knowing this is important. You may also list your favorite part of the guild charter for extra credit.
    Mainly Nellabel. Perhaps Silvertone (who may still currently be a dirty casual). This is important because Nellabel would be the person to contact for clarification of a gray area in the policy or perhaps one not currently outlined in the Guild Charter already. Favorite part of the charter would be

    Additional information you would like to have taken under consideration:
    Regardless of outcome can I have my officer's note changed to 'best character portrait' or '3rd best warlock in the guild' instead of 'friend of zoozoo'? I am so much more than that!

    (Optional) If your class is not currently being recruited, please indicate whether or not you are satisfied with being a casual or substitute. Please also provide a brief reasoning why you'd like to be in Reclamations despite potentially not having a core raiding spot:
    I am not entirely sure if warlock is being recruited or not. I know Drekkar is #1 warlock dps on the server and a core member, as well as KJ being the guild's #2 warlock and a core member too. This might mean I end up becoming a sub at best and I'm absolutely cool with that.

    (Optional) Do you know any Reclamations members, and if so, who?
    Nah, Nervphobia, Zoozoo (rip).
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    Any specific feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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